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De Enscheder Spöllers en Daansers de Krekkel is a dance group located in the eastern part of the Netherlands. The region, called Twente, with its dialect and special traditions is close to the German border. De Krekkel is a vivid group in an authentic way representing the culture of their region with traditional songs, dances, music and, of course, local costumes.


Sudie, Tėvyne mylimoji. Songs of exiles and partisans
May 26th (Saturday) 14.00
Vilnius Teachers’ House (Vilniaus str. 39)

Songs of exiles and partisans sung by Vilnius Teachers’ House folklore ensemble “Tyklė” (led by V. Brazaitienė) and folklore ensemble “Kankleliai” (led by D. Čičinskienė).


Šoksva mudu abudu. Traditional European dances
May 23rd (Wednesday) 21.00
Courtyard of Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum (Vilniaus str. 41)

“Šoksva mudu abudu” is a concert for folk dance musicians and enthusiasts happening for the first time in Festival‘s history. The repertoire will include dances traditionally coming from Lithuania, our neighbor countries, France. The event will also introduce creative variations of folk dance melodies and will invite everyone willing to join.



Lüü-Türr is an archaic men’s singing group, which came together in 2012 in Aruküla, Northern Estonia. The group performs regilaul − traditional archaic Estonian folk songs.


Dai lakštava lakštuote. Folk ensemble “Dijūta”
May 25th (Friday) 17.00
St. Catherine’s Church (Vilniaus str. 30)

Folk ensemble‘s “Dijūta” concert will represent archaic pieces recorded in 1908-1909 by Eduards Volters, the researcher of Baltic folklore. The pieces performed to a bourdon or bagpipe accomagnement have reborn in the repertoire of “Dijūta”.


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