Daunoj, eisim broliai. War and partisans’ songs sung by men
May 23rd (Wednesday) 18.00
The Great Aula of Vilnius University (M. K. Čiurlionio str. 21)

Even though women are believed to be the keepers of a singing tradition, one can hardly imagine a folk group not having any male voices. Thus, the concert “Daunoj, eisim broliai” invites to listen to traditional men’s songs. This time, the songs will translate experiences about war and partisans.

rsz leigarite estija2

The Folk singing group “Leigarite lauljad” (“Singers of Leigarid”) performs Estonian archaic songs called "regilaul" but also newer songs and ballads that were sung in Estonia from the end of 19th century on. Special focus goes on swinging songs, which is a very special tradition of spring songs in North-Estonia. The group also performs many singing games and plays a couple of instruments (kannel, bagpipe).


Creative workshop.
Festival guests represent their musical and cultural particularities
May 27th (Sunday) 12.00
Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum (Vilniaus str. 41)

This creative workshop will create an opportunity to meet festival guests in a cozy ambiance. It will be a chance to nurture one’s curiosity and to know more about foreign sounds, music instruments, ways of singing and national costume. One might even get a chance to jam together.



The folklore ensemble Vyazanka was founded in 1986 in the village of Vyazze, Belarus. The main direction of this group’s activity is to keep the local traditional culture alive.

rsz lachin azerbaijan

Folk music group “Lachin” from Azerbaijan consists of 4 well-known artists representing the unique Mugham tradition: Parviz Farhadov (bowed string instrument kamancha), Adalat Behbudov (tar, long-necked plucked lute), Tughay Ismayilov (vocals), Mujghan Guliyeva (dancer).


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