“Gimtinė” ensemble was founded in 1988 and now it works patronaged by Poland‘s Lithuanians Ethnic Culture Association. Although the composition of the ensemble members changed for a few times in 31 years, nevertheless the main goal never shivered - to protect Lithuanianism, nourish local traditions and historical memory.

By presenting the programme “The Finish of Harvest Time in Krasnagrūdos Manor” ensemble “Gimtinė” got into the TOP 10 Poland‘s ensembles for the most inventive interpretation of indigenous rituals and innovations.

“Gimtinė” has prepared and presented such programmes as “Andrinės Evening”, “Easter songs” and “Bright man from Mielk - Punsk” in National Lithuanian Song Festival. Ensemble also performs all kind of calendrical ritualistic programmes, participates in workshops, concerts, festivals in Lithuania and Poland. The ensemble was awarded “Aukso paukštė”. Today ensemble “Gimtinė” is basically focusing on the tradition of chanting traditional religious psalms.


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