The Lithuanian folk dance ensemble Aušra was formed in 2013 in the Republic of Karelia. The ensemble includes representatives of various nationalities: Lithuanians, Poles, Karelians, Vepsians, Estonians, Russians.

Their repertoire is made up of authentic Lithuanian dances, games, and songs, Lithuanian and Karelian folk dances. During performances, the group’s members invite everybody to participate in dance workshops for the purpose of direct immersion in traditional Lithuanian culture.

The ensemble’s dream is to learn to sing traditional Lithuanian folk songs, as well as to acquire Lithuanian ethnographic costumes representing the cultural characteristics of all areas of Lithuania for the best representation of the national peculiarities of the traditions and culture of Lithuania.

Aušra is a regular participant of festivals, festive events and concerts in the Republic of Karelia. In 2014, they

The ensemble is led by Zinaida Vasilieva, who has roots in the region of Samogitia in Lithuania.


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