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The ethnic-folklore ensemble “Tyva” was created in 1988 in the Republic of Tuva, during a period of the revival of national culture, with the purpose of preserving and developing the performance traditions of Tuvan throat singing - khöömei.


“Tyva” ensemble was the first artistic group to begin intensive study of the traditional oral musical folklore of Tuva, becoming a true leader in the folk movement in Tuva.

Audiences are introduced not only to the styles and sub-styles of khöömei, folk songs, and folk tales but also diverse folk musical instruments, which comprise the Turkic layer of the instrumental heritage as well as instruments that reflect the historical cultural ties between Tuva, Mongolia, and China.

“Tyva” ensemble has made an invaluable contribution in the revival, preservation, and development of the art of throat singing. The creative activities of the ensemble enabled the opening of a folk singing and folk instrument department at the Kyzyl Arts College.

Over the 30 years of its existence, the ensemble has had three generations of singers and musicians. Aidys Norbu and Mergen-Kherel Chadamba - the duet who perform in the festival is the fourth generation of the ensemble. Their repertoire shows off the best examples of traditional khoomei which is accompanied by traditional string instruments such as igil, byzaanchy, doshpuluur and morsing (Jew‘s harp) as well.

Aidys Norbu started his throat singing career at the age of 13. Today he represents the Tuva Republic in singing contests all across the Russia Federation. In 2008, A. Norbu has become the winner of contest "Music of spring" which was held in Ural mountains. Moreover, Norbu has participated in a variety of contests across Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Another member of the duet - Mergen-Kherel Chadamba, in 2002, was accepted into republic school of arts where he started learning playing national instruments. After graduation, he continued his studies on traditional instruments in Kyzyl College of Arts. Chadamba also participated in various contests organised by the Tuva Republic, Russian Federation and other Asian countries. 

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