The folklore ensemble Vyazanka was founded in 1986 in the village of Vyazze, Belarus. The main direction of this group’s activity is to keep the local traditional culture alive.


Members of the ensemble perform different concert programs, theatrical performances, ceremonies based on authentic examples of the region’s folklore. In recent years, their activities have included traditional celebrations held throughout the year: “Kalyada” in winter, “Yur'ya” in spring, “Kupalle” in summer, and “Dazhynkі” in autumn. Vyazanka have also carefully restored the “Tri Rushnikі” wedding ceremony.

Their original collection of national costumes is handmade by the members of the ensemble themselves: over the past three years new clothing was sewn, sashes woven, headdresses embroidered – all according to the features of local patterns and embroidery.

Vyazanka also play traditional musical instruments, which is important when organising special traditional dance evenings. These dances are accompanied by drums, the tambourine, cymbals, accordion, and duda (bagpipes).

The ensemble is very active in performing concerts and participating in various festivals in Belarus, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine.

Vyazenka was founded by Irina Zabavskaya and is now led by Mikalai Zabauski.

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