The women’s folklore ensemble Bolnela was founded in 2012 in Bolnisi, Georgia. The aim of the ensemble is to cherish and revive Georgian folklore traditions in multi-ethnic Kvemo Kartli district and Bolnisi municipality. “Bolnela” exists within the Bolnisi Culture House since 2013.

Bolnela follows the traditions of performing traditional music. The ensemble’s repertoire includes traditional songs, mostly of Georgian women (although some men’s songs are performed as well) accompanied by dances and round-dances as well as traditional Georgian folk instruments: chonguri – a four-stringed instrument, panduri – a three-stringed instrument used in the Eastern part of the country, daira – traditional percussion made by stretching a skin over a round wooden frame. The ensemble also seeks to find and revive various songs (sometimes even totally forgotten ones) from different regions of Georgia.

The ensemble often takes part in concerts, folklore festivals, symposiums, TV and radio projects, organises solo performances. In 2018, the Bolnela released their debut album.

Bolnela was founded by archpriest Basil Akhvlediani (who acts as art director), with the blessing of archbishop Ephrem. The conductor is Nana Valishvili, an ethnomusicologist and performer, head of Folk Music Direction at the Folklore State Centre of Georgia.

Hear and see Bolnela HERE


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