Lüü-Türr is an archaic men’s singing group, which came together in 2012 in Aruküla, Northern Estonia. The group performs regilaul − traditional archaic Estonian folk songs.


Beginning as a weekly singing gathering for men, Lüü-Türr now has nearly a dozen members singing songs from Northern, Southern, and Western Estonia, as well as contemporary folk songs and bawdy songs from all over Estonia.

The name of the group is derived from a bird called öösorr (the nightjar, a nocturnal bird shrouded in myth). Lüü-Türr is one of several ethnic names of this bird.

The archaic male song tradition in Aruküla and Lüü-Türr as an archaic male singing group have been added to the Estonian Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

The men of Lüü-Türr have performed many concerts in Estonia and participated in festivals in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Sweden.

Lüü-Türr was founded by Tiit Saare and Jako Reinaste.

Press HERE if you want to hear and see their record.


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