Tuva 1


The ethnic-folklore ensemble “Tyva” was created in 1988 in the Republic of Tuva, during a period of the revival of national culture, with the purpose of preserving and developing the performance traditions of Tuvan throat singing - khöömei.



The Lithuanian folk dance ensemble Aušra was formed in 2013 in the Republic of Karelia. The ensemble includes representatives of various nationalities: Lithuanians, Poles, Karelians, Vepsians, Estonians, Russians.



“Gimtinė” ensemble was founded in 1988 and now it works patronaged by Poland‘s Lithuanians Ethnic Culture Association. Although the composition of the ensemble members changed for a few times in 31 years, nevertheless the main goal never shivered - to protect Lithuanianism, nourish local traditions and historical memory.



The folklore ensemble Vyazanka was founded in 1986 in the village of Vyazze, Belarus. The main direction of this group’s activity is to keep the local traditional culture alive.



The women’s folklore ensemble Bolnela was founded in 2012 in Bolnisi, Georgia. The aim of the ensemble is to cherish and revive Georgian folklore traditions in multi-ethnic Kvemo Kartli district and Bolnisi municipality. “Bolnela” exists within the Bolnisi Culture House since 2013.

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