“Vydraga” ensemble – now and then
May 24th (Thursday) 20.00
Vaidilos Theatre (A. Jakšto str. 9)

“Vydraga“ is already a 30 years-old ensemble. At first, it was a very big ensemble organizing folklore expeditions, having youth folk studio, recording and publishing several albums, and having various repertoires representing the history of Lithuanian folklore.
In 1996, Algirdas Klova has reorganized the ensemble into a smaller group of multi-instrumentalists, now there are 6 of them. All the members are folklore enthusiasts, having learned this art from the primary source – musicians from Lithuanian villages.
For the 30th anniversary, the ensemble is willing to invite its former members to gather together for once. The repertoire will include the most beautiful “Vydraga’s” songs, dances, instrumental music. The concert will reunite such musicians as Skirmantas Sasnauskas, Arvydas Kirdas, Darius Butkus and others.


Šimtmečio dainos. Folk-rock band “Žalvarinis”
May 26th (Saturday) 20.00
S. Daukantas square

ŽALVARINIS is the best-known Lithuanian folk-rock band. Sharp guitar riffs, rock pulsation, folklore and its interpretations, also synthesis of contemporary styles of music as rock, blues, and world music create an unforgettable, powerful explosive musical mix. The band was formed in 2001, in Vilnius. Members of the band have changed over time, but the key members remained. Now the band consists of three members: Ineta Meduneckytė, Sigita Jonynaitė and Robert Semeniuk.
Group energy, rock and roll and blues groove is the reason why the band appears in various rock music festivals not only in Lithuania, but also in Great Britain, Estonia, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, USA or China.
At the International Folklore Festival “Skamba skamba kankliai” ŽALVARINIS respresents its latest album “Einam tolyn” dedicated to the Centenary of the Restoration of the State of Lithuania.

More information about the band: www.zalvarinis.lt/en


Iš gyvosios versmės. Countryside musicians and singers from Žiūrai (Varėna district) and Seda (Mažeikiai district) villages
May 22nd (Tuesday) 19.00
Vilnius Academy of Arts (Maironio str. 6)

“Iš gyvosios versmės“ is a meeting with the keepers and succesors of authentic traditions. We will have a chance to know the singing tradition from Žiūrai village in Varėna district and all kinds of northern Samogitian folklore, which will be represented by folklore ensembles “Rėmolee“ and “Rėmoliokaa“ from Seda village in Mažeikiai district. This event will not only offer us a chance to observe but also to participate and sing along with the musicians from Žiūrai and Seda.


Darbas meistrą giria. Folk art & gastronomic heritage fair and workshops
Friday-Sunday, May 25-26-27, 12.00-21.00
S. Daukantas square (S. Daukanto aikštė)


Folk art & gastronomic heritage fair “Darbas meistrą giria” invites numerous craftsmen and representatives of culinary heritage from Lithuania and abroad. This year’s fair will also offer various workshops: you will learn to cut patterns, create a straw decoration, make a waist-band and much more!
The festival Info Point will also be open at S. Daukantas square.

Workshops schedule

Friday, May 25th

12.00–13.00 Wood carving (master Romanas Vagnorius)
13.00–14.00 Traditional embroidery (master Birutė Mickevičienė)
14.00–15.00 Paper-cutting (Odeta Bražėnienė)
15.00–16.00 Weaving (Sigita Milvidienė)
16.00–17.00 Branch weaving (masters Virginijus Šlipaitis and Roma Šlipaitienė)
17.00–18.00 Candle-making (master Alma Kasperavičienė)
18.00–19.00 Clay workshop (master Artūras Survila)

Saturday, May 26th

12.00–13.00 Waistbands’ weaving (master Bronė Surdokienė)
13.00–14.00 Traditional ornaments’ carving (master Edmundas Akulauskas)
14.00–15.00 Amber techniques (master Algirdas Marčius)
15.00–16.00 Ornaments of traditional gloves (master Laima Kytrienė)
16.00–17.00 Brass jewellery (master Stanislovas Bagdonavičius)
17.00–18.00 Wooden shoes workshop (master Vytautas Šemelis)
18.00–19.00 Paper-cutting (master Laimutė Fedosejeva)

Sunday, May 27th

12.00–13.00 Leather works (master Mindaugas Paknys)
13.00–14.00 Straw decorations (master Jurgita Kutkienė)
14.00–15.00 Amber techniques (master Audrius Lukauskas)
15.00–16.00 Decoration of ceramic works (master Romualda Galistienė)
16.00–17.00 Wristbands’ knitting (master Rita Juodvalkytė)
17.00–18.00 Wood carving (master Arvydas Petrulis)
18.00–19.00 Brass jewellery (master Rimantas Ordinas)


Slauna mūsų giminėlė. Concert of various folk ensembles from Vilnius

May 26th (Saturday) at 12.00
S. Daukantas square


“Slauna mūsų giminėlė” invites you to discover different folk ensembles gathered in Vilnius city: “Tyklė”, “Ūla”, “Vilnelė”, “Laukis”, “Sedula”, “Dzūkuliai”, “Vija”, “Labingis”.


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