Eisva mudu abudu. Concert of youth folk groups
May 23rd (Wednesday) 19.00
Courtyard of Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum (Vilniaus str. 41)

“Eisva mudu abudu” is a concert of youth folk groups. The aim of the concert is to create a cosy space for young people to gather together and to enjoy the traditional folk music. It is not only an opportunity to listen to the youth folk groups, but also to join them as soon as you feel like it.
In 2018, when the restored Lithuanian state celebrates its 100 years, the event will pay attention to the history and growth of youth folk groups, as well as to the tendencies of the folk music nowadays.

“Mindrė”, “Želmuo”, “Rana”, “Obelija”, “Ritingo”, “Tatato”


Tradicinių liaudies giesmių valanda. Traditional folk canticles
May 27th (Sunday)14.00
Sts Johns’ Church (Šv. Jono str. 12)

Traditional folk canticles event was created in order to preserve a significant part of Lithuanian cultural heritage – canticles. Christian canticles were being chanted all year long. Canticles are closely related to the prayer and worship of God. Traditional canticles were not only a way to of praying but also of expressing oneself poetically.
This year’s event will invite to listen to the folk ensemble “Veringa” (led by Jolanta Kažukauskienė) from Šilalė Cultural Centre. Festival guests will also perform their traditional canticles.


Kaimynėli, svečias būk. Concert of folk ensembles from Lithuanian ethnographic regions
May 27th (Sunday) 12.00
S. Daukantas square

The concert “Kaimynėli, svečias būk” is an opportunity to see all five Lithuanian ethnographic regions, their similarities and differences, represented by traditional folk ensembles.
Lithuania Minor – folk ensemble “Ramytė” (led by Giedrė pocienė) (Šilutė Hugo Sheu museum);
Samogitia region – folk ensemble “Gondinga” (led by Dalia Stasikėlienė) (Plungė District Cultural Centre);
Aukštaitija region – folk ensemble “Seluona” (led by Rimutė Vitaitė) (Zarasai Cultural Centre);
Suvalkija region – folk ensemble “Diemedis” (led by Žydruolė Mankauskaitė-Zenevičienė) (Kalvarija Cultural Centre);
Dzūkija region – folk ensemble “Žeiria” (led by Vaida Naruševičiūtė) (Varėna Cultural centre).


Grajyk, muzikėla! Concert of traditional folk ensembles from Lithuanian ethnographic
May 26th (Saturday) 15.00
S. Daukantas square

“Grajyk, muzikėla” is a traditional concert introducing all the ethnographic regions of Lithuania, their traditional folklore, variety of instruments and repertoire. It is nice that in this concert traditional folklore of each ethnographic region is represented not only by the experienced musicians but also by their younger colleagues.
Participants: "Duja" (led by A. Lunys), "Muzikontai iš pa Utenas“ (led by R. Garsonienė), "Sietynėlis“ (led by R. Garsonienė), "Čir-vir-vyrai“ (led by G. Andrijauskas), "Eržvilko bandonija“ (led by G. Stirbienė), "Kauno bandonija“ (led by V. Marma ir A. Kasperavičius), "Alksnioka“ (led by D. Petrikienė), "Kuršiukai“ (led by A. Vozgirdas), "Sūduoniukai“ (led by E. Sakavičiūtė-Pečiulaitienė), "Visi“ (led by E. Vyčinas), "Dziedukai“ (led by R. Mazėtis), "Anūkuciai“ (led by R. Mazėtis), "Vydraga“ (led by A. Klova).


Naktišokiai. Traditional dances (of festival guests’ and Lithuanian)
May 25th, 26th (Friday, Saturday) 21.00
Courtyard of Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum (Vilniaus str. 41)

“Naktišokiai” is a place where one can discover and learn traditional Lithuanian and foreign dances! Come and learn some new steps.
Friday event will introduce guest performers from Belarus, Estonia, Udmurtia (Russia).
Saturday event will introduce guest performers from the Netherlands, Cyprus, Egypt.


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