Čiulba čiulbutis. Concert of solo and duo performers
May 25th (Friday) 18.00
St. Catherine’s Church (Vilniaus str. 30)

The concert of solo performers has already become a tradition of the festival. The event represents monophonic songs that make a major part of Lithuanian folklore. These songs are tender, lyrical, usually sad, expressing the deepest emotions. The most important feature of monophonic songs is the unity of melody and lyrics. The lyrics bring out the life of nature, secret human dramas, troubles and longings. We will also have an opportunity to listen to a couple of duos.
Solo performances highlight the singularity of every singer. The concert will introduce children performers and experienced musicians such as Rytis Ambrazevičius, Veronika Povilionienė, Marija Arasimavičienė and others.


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