Person and Folklore. Academic conference

May 22nd (Tuesday) 16.00–18.40
At the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore (Antakalnio str. 6)

From 15.30 – registration, coffee, reviews of folklore publications and
I part:
16.00–17.30 Moderator Dr. Austė Nakienė
16.00 Greetings of Dr. Aušra Martišiūtė Linartienė, director of the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore, and Milda Ričkutė, director of Vilnius Ethnic Culture Centre
16.15 Dr. Rūta Žarskienė. Lithuanian Folklore Archive’s Database and its creators
16.40 Gražina Kadžytė. Informants and Collectors of Lithuanian Folklore Archive’s Database
17.00 val. Dr. Jurga Sadauskienė. The Therapy of Folklore. Folklorism outside the stage
17.20–17.40 Coffee time
II part:
17.40–18.40 Moderator Gražina Kadžytė
17.40 Dr. Ainė Ramonaitė. The Figures of Networking in the Ethnic Culture Movement
18.00–18.40 Round table. The Signs of Folklore at the Personal Experiences. Participants: leaders and members of folk ensembles, researchers of folklore


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