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The sources of Belarusian folk art are inexhaustible indeed. Weaving, wicker-works, rich folk art and traditions. Belarusian ethno folk group GUDA tenderly preserves and widely advertises the folk traditions of its land.

GUDA is one of the most famous folk groups of Belarus. The basis of GUDA’s repertoire consists of ritual songs and folk dancing. Nowadays many songs and dancing from the group’s repertoire are out of everyday use already - they have been renewed by GUDA group members according to note records during folk expeditions and communication with folk traditions keepers. It makes GUDA group absolutely unique…

The history of the group started more than two decades ago in the beginning of the 90th. Some young people - scientists and students - joined their efforts in order to research the ancient history and culture of Belarusian land: experimental research in the realm of archaic singing heritage was a branch of their work. Some ethnographic expeditions have been carried out and the contacts with living keepers of ancient traditions have been established, audio and video recordings have been made. Co-operation with ethnic musicologists and folklorists during long work allowed to single out and to imitate the peculiarities of ancient manner of singing.

The dance group of GUDA performs really rare and unique Belarusian dancing, some of them are: lavonikha, kaval, zaychyk, sto adzin, miatselitsa, etc.

Belarusian ethno folk group GUDA has released three musical albums: “Games of the Gods” (the album includes the most archaic Belarusian songs and the plots from Belarusian mythology, Archaic ritual singing (conceptual foundation of this CD is a traditional calendar of different regions of Belarus). The 3rd album is dedicated to one of the most interesting ceremony in Belarusian culture -Belarusian wedding.

GUDA’s home base is in Minsk, the capital city of Belarus.

Belarusian ethno folk group GUDA pays much attention to young generation that is why a starting–up group is organized for those who wish to study traditional art: dance, singing, handicrafts, and also philosophy, esthetics, rituals, etc.

Since 1992, GUDA has given hundreds of concerts, has participated in national festivals, holidays, anniversaries, and international projects in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Turkmenistan.

The songs are performed a capella. The musicians play Belarusian folk music and make the group’s programs more ‘colorful’. Types of the performances are: a capella singing, vocal + music, musical pieces, traditional dances, dance workshops for the audience with vocal and music.

Watching GUDA’s performances is a unique experience having quite a magic effect... This could perhaps be accounted for by the careful attention that is paid by the group to each individual voice - resulting in impeccable singing and intonation, to each movement while dancing - by daily hard work and rehearsals, by research work in libraries and archives. In addition to that, GUDA’s performances are very special, with a variety of mythological plots with something sacred and profane, heavenly human and true.



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