MiarežaAnos šalies svotai. Belarusian folklore group “Miareža”
“Anos šalies svotai” is one of the events of the International Folklore Festival “Skamba skamba kankliai” dedicated to the presentation of foreign folklore.
The name of the ensemble “Miareža” means a hem that connects the edges of the fabric. This name was chosen as the singers are especially attracted by the culture of the Belarusian: the border with Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, and Ukraine. These areas seem to unite the musical traditions of Belarus and neighboring nations as if with an ornate stitch.
The group’s repertoire includes archaic and lyrical songs, which the performers take over during folklore expeditions, as well as examining recordings stored in archives. However, the group’s activities are not limited to learning about singing traditions – the girls also perform instrumental music, participate in traditional yearly celebrations, and recreate the national costumes of various places, which they wear during their performances. The participants of the group are also active in the processes of integrating folklore into the modern world: they organize workshops, participate in modernized folklore projects, and organize traditional festivals.
The band has already released 3 albums: “Čarnobyl” (2016), “Žyta. Žycejka” (2016) and “Pra kachannie i liubou” (2019).
The concert “Anos šalies svotai” will be available in two ways.
🎥 Watch the broadcast on the festival’s Facebook page.
🎞️ You can also see the event on the festival screen in the yard of Vilnius County Adomas Mickevičius Public Library; get a free ticket here: https://bit.ly/3hCwakL.
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