Grajyk"Grajyk, muzikėla!" Is one of the events of the International Folklore Festival "Skamba skamba kankliai". It will feature Lithuanian traditional instrumental music.
The following performers will play in the concert:
• Vilnius city traditional music bands: “Duja” (led by A. Lunys), “Vydraga” (led by A. Klova), “Ratilai” (led by D. Mockevičius), “Giežikai” (led by G. Kirdienė);
• Folk music band "Noragas" of Širvintos Culture Center;
• Folk music band “Ryna” of Molėtai Culture Center.
The concert “Grajyk, muzikėla!" will take place at Vilnius County Adomas Mickevičius Public Library. Available to see in two ways.
🎫 Attend an event with a pre-ticket; get a free ticket here:
🎥 Watch the live broadcast on the festival’s Facebook page.
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