Sutartinių koncertasAukseliu lingo, perlaliu mirgo. Concert of sutartinės
On Friday evening, St. Catherine’s Church will be filled with sutartinės (Lithuanian polyphonic songs) singing, accompanied with instrumental sounds of kanklės, skudučiai, daudytė and horns.
Sharp seconds, combined with bright rhythmic accents, alternate with softer consonances and a steady flow of time, immersing the listener in complete calmness. Constantly repeating magic sound-words will help to weave these different colors of music into one harmonious flow.
Sutartinės can be listened and enjoyed in two ways: with one’s eyes closed – immersing in a state of rest, distancing from everyday worries, disturbances, and noise, as if moving to another space; with one’s eyes opened – admiring geometric patterns of sutartinės performers’ sounds, moves and behavior.
Experienced singers called “Trys keturiose”, famous for their unique and real good “beating” of voices, will be supported by the youthful voices of the Vilnius University folklore ensemble “Ratilio”, and guests from Kaunas, the group of sutartinės singers “Gaudė”.
The concert “Aukseliu lingo, perlaliu mirgo” will take place at St. Catherine's Church. It can be seen in three ways.
🎫 Attend an event with a pre-ticket; free tickets are available here:
🎥 Watch the live broadcast on the festival’s Facebook account.
🎞️ You can also see the event on the festival screen in the yard of Vilnius County Adomas Mickevičius Public Library; free ticket available here:
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