Pasidainavimų“Pasidainavimų vakaras” is an evening of traditional Lithuanian songs.
Vilnius folklore ensembles have chosen the sweetest and loudest songs from their wide repertoire and will invite the audience to sing together. This year, however, we will sing remotely - the ensembles' performances will be broadcast online.
The songs will be performed by the following folklore ensembles: “Jorė”, “Labingis”, “Ratilio”, “Laukis”, “Nalšia”, “Poringės”, “Spalgena”, “Kadagys”, “Rasoda”, “Virvytė”, “Versmė”, “Ūla”, “Želmuo”, “Srauna”, “Radasta”.
A booklet of songs will be prepared for the event, which can be downloaded online.
🎥 The event will be broadcast on the festival's Facebook page. 
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