Archyvai 1“Archives Opens” is a series of events dedicated to the Year of Archives, which will take place during the International Folklore Festival “Skamba skamba kankliai”.
Lithuania has a rich history of folklore collecting, the material of which is stored in various archives. Representatives of folklore archives will help to “open” them up, will introduce their activities and the materials stored in the archives. What’s in there? How is folklore collected and preserved? Where to look for archival records? We invite you to listen to conversations and get to know the treasures of folklore!
The Lithuanian Folklore Archive of the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore is the largest and oldest repository of folklore in Lithuania, with a rich sound library and photo library. At the end of the last century, the collection of video library also began.
The oldest manuscript dates back to 1800, photo – 1907. The first audio recordings were made on rollers in 1908, on records in 1935, on magnetic tapes in 1952, and the oldest video in 1972.
During the event, the head of the Lithuanian folklore archive dr. Austė Nakienė will present the history of the archive, demonstrate the material stored and invite you to get to know the activities of the archive better.
The host of the event – Albinas Plėšnys.
The event will be available on festival’s Facebook page.
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