Moba“Anos šalies svotai” is one of the events of the International Folklore Festival “Skamba skamba kankliai” dedicated to the presentation of foreign folklore.
The female vocal ensemble “Moba”, founded in Belgrade in 1993, is one of the rare professional groups in Serbia which perform exclusively rural folk songs in the traditional manner, without any attempt of stylization. Songs are learned, in the first place, from the field recordings of village singing and from transcriptions. The materials are also taken from the published recordings, archives, and from personal field recordings.
The group performs Serbian rural songs from all geographic areas where Serbs live, or where they used to live (until the recent war events and migrations); that is to say, the territory of Serbia (including Kosovo, Metohija, and Vojvodina), Bosnia, Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, and Macedonia.
Members of the ensemble are born and raised in urban surroundings. They are ethnomusicologists, ethnologists, linguists, a professional dancer, and students of ethnomusicology. The leaders of the group are also renowned vocal pedagogues in the country and abroad.
The concert “Anos šalies svotai” will be available in two ways.
🎥 Watch the broadcast on the festival’s Facebook page.
🎞️ You can also see the event on the festival screen in the yard of Vilnius County Adomas Mickevičius Public Library; get a free ticket here:
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