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This festival has been taking place in Vilnius since 1973 and it is one of the very few authentic festivals of folk music in Europe.

Traditionally, the festival takes place on the last week of May!

Along with already well known traditional events (such as Sutartinės Evening, Children's Folk Day "Saulytė", Modern Folk Evenings, Traditional dances, Sunday Concerts in the Old Town of Vilnius and others), the festival also aims to create some new traditions (playing traditional instruments, traditional singing workshops, Night music concerts, etc.).

It is the eldest folk festival in Lithuania!

For more than 40 years, "Skamba skamba kankliai" gathers numerous participants and audience highly appreciating the folk tradition. The events of the festival aim to motivate a greater interest of our society and festival guests in Traditional Lithuanian culture and lead to a more professional worldwide presentation of Lithuanian ethnic culture. The festival is also a possibility to maintain and broaden relations between local and international folklorists, as well as to develop the cultural tourism in Lithuania.

SSK 2019. Žemaičių metams skirtas koncertas


Vilnius Ethnic Culture CenterVilnius City Municipality


Major Sponsor

LKT Logotipasskaidrus

Brief History

Being the eldest folk festival in Lithuania, it had and still has a great influence on the Lithuanian folk movement. For many years the festival has been an important part of our ethnic culture, which is the basis of our national culture, dispersion and development. During the Soviet occupation the movement of Lithuania‘s folk ensembles (at that time over 800) was one of the ways to resist Soviet ideology and denationalization. This movement had also contributed a lot to the "Singing revoliution" that  led to the re-establishment of independence of Lithuania in 1990.

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