“Anos šalies svotai” is a festival’s trip to Druskininkai, a city situated 130 km to the south of Vilnius. The concert will be held during the Druskininkai resort celebration designed to open the summer season. “Anos šalies svotai” will offer the performances of festival’s foreign guests: “Sõsarõ” (Estonia) and “Les Anciens de la Farandole” (Switzerland). Read more about the guests: here.

Thomas M. Rüst blows the Alphorn for over 20 years. He is well familiar with the Swiss Alphorn scene: he was a member of the board of one of the Swiss Alphorn – Union, President of the Alphorngroup Thierstein-Laufental, as well as a former member of the Alphorngroup Allschwil. Thomas M. Rüst has a wide musical experience, was attending the class of Heiner Krause, Professor for horn and Alphorn at the Musik Akademie in Basel and plays concerts not only in Switzerland, but has also performed in Germany, France, Holland, Japan, Bhutan.

The men’s folk group “Old Mtiebi” was created in 1980. The group’s aim is to perform a folk song in an authentic way, as it is performed in an appropriate ethnographic surrounding. Compositions performed by “Old Mtiebi” preserve the manner and the tone system, characteristic for a specific region. Members of the group dance while singing and playing different instruments, just as performers from villages used to do. “Old Mtiebi” also aims to spread a natural joy characteristic to these authentic Georgian folk songs.

Since 2008, a Belarusian ensemble “Колiсьнiя“ (Kolisniya) (in one of the Belarusian dialects means antiquity) unites three musicians: Dzianis Sukhi (violin, bagpipe, drum), Stas Chavus (violin, bagpipe), Sergey Chubrik (bagpipe, cimbalom). The ensemble mostly plays violin music originally from Southern Belarus, Eastern and Central Polesia. The performances of Колiсьнiя“ (Kolisniya) not only involve violin, but also cimbalom, basetle (bass fiddle) and bagpipe.

Şuşa is a trio from Azerbaijan uniting Gunay Mehdijeva (vocals), Toghrul Orujov (kamancha, skin faced spike fiddle) and İsmajil Zulfugarov (tar, skin faced lute). The group represents traditional Azerbaijani music, especially Mugham. Mugham is a form of Azerbaijani folk music compositions based on the union of classical poetry and specific local musical improvisations.


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